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Empowerment Preparation for the Day!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022


Grand Rising to everyone in 2022! How do you appear to approach the world for the day? Are there certain actions you do at home before you step out the door? Are there things that you do that is similar to your family's routine to prepare for the day?

Before putting my thoughts to paper, I felt the need this morning to learn of the actions that other people have before going out into the world. People are often surprised that I am truly an introvert and shy; however, I enjoy being social and present.

As a child, I was extremely shy with a touch of sassy ways, "Sassy Classy". The title "Sassy Classy", would be the description of how I would not allow people to run over me and spoke my truth. There are vivid memories of my minister granny inviting me on Sunday morning to have a moment to speak to the congregation through dancing, speaking, reading; basically, applying anyway for me to share my voice.

Often, I would have anxiety going to church, but overtime I began to understand the significance of what my granny was achieving. As I became older, I noticed my developed ability to be quick on my feet, confident in my word and intentional in my actions with a heart of no fear, given by the strength of God.

Later in life, I began notice my ability to allow my presence to radiate depending on the energies around me, as well as, allowing myself to conserve and balance my energy, as needed. Now you may say, "what does this have to do with empowering yourself for the day?". Well, you see I am a naturally shy and introverted person, who became the social introvert through my family and Village influence. Through time there were certain techniques and routines, I would do before leaving my home and entering social activities. I also learned with age to honor my true nature, of being conservative with my energy and social interactions by allowing myself to be unapologetically me, along with giving myself grace to be me and to speak the words NO, in the absence of guilt. This means that if you need to recharge spiritually, physically or mentally, it is ok to decline being in the presence of people. There have been times when people would say that this is due to being an empath (-ability to pick up the energy/mood of other people).

The process of not allowing myself to be true to my core for the need of solitude and reflection, led me to feeling unbalanced, nonenergetic and not grounded. Through the guidance of my mentors, ancestors and God- I continuously build tools in my toolbox to prepare for times I feel submersed in the energetic vibrations of the world. So the discussion of tools to approach the world to provide you protection and strength.......granny would say "honor my steps in the word of God."

As I prepare myself to feel empowered throughout the day, I may do the following: burning of incents or frankincense/myrrh/Sundanese Sage, grounding myself through prayer/meditation/movement, adorning my body with crystals and essential oils, intuitively selecting crystals to carry throughout the day, being intentional with the preparation of the care of my body to allow myself to listen to my body's vibrations during the process of bathing, styling my hair, brushing my teeth, moisturizing my hair with a homemade hair balm (taught to me through my elders) and placing on my clothes for the day.

Also, the process to be mentally aware and to intentional speak positivity of yourself and over your life. Some of my affirmations may consist of the following: I am peace, I am love, I am loved, I am beautifully made, I am a child of God, I am strength, I am my ancestors, I am light, I am without fear of doubt, I am the dream of my ancestors, and so many more. I would also burn some paleo santos, while in the car and/or sage to cleanse my being and to confirm my vibration for the day.

When we return home, it is a requirement to remove your shoes and clothes immediately. This not only protected you from outside germs, but to also remove the energy from the outside world before coming into your home. It is also important to take a shower as soon as possible to wash the outside vibrations off. It is funny, that as time pass, we begin to learn the significance of the ways of our family and Village. Often, I would hear, "don't track that outside dirt on my floor," which also have the meaning of don't bring the outside in the house. I would also hear, " Ooooooo you smell like outside". My momma had the ability to smell that outside on you or even if there is a vibration that you are in love, pregnant and so much more just by the vibration you would give off to her, no matter the age. There is always a saying that, Mommas just know baby."

So, if you are bringing life into the world or simply preparing yourself to approach the world. Honor who you are and put in place healthy boundaries. It is essential for you to take care of yourself and to give from your cup that runs over. I am still in the process of learning these skills myself. Often, I would hear my internal voice saying, "be still my child", which are the words often shared by my granny. We do not always have to be in the process of producing, but to allow yourself to truly JUST BE! There may be tools to assist with guidance and support but understand the true power lives within you! Dishonoring yourself could potentially led to dis-ease and imbalance within your body. Studies has shown that the stress hormone cortisol has numerous impacts to the body physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, learning the tools that works best for you is essential!

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