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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients and Village!  I believe in making a real difference in the birthing process as well as our community health/wellness. Please browse some of their testimonials below.

Village Sis Beth

I've known Cassey since we were kids and she has always been pure at heart and one of the most caring people you'll ever meet. Because she exudes that spirit of kindness and genuineness I'm so not surprised of her calling as a Doula. My village sister has not only helped my family business grow but she strives to support the ENTIRE village to become successful. She continuously provides educational, partnership, and development opportunities. Her knowledge shared and services within the community defines her passion for women and family-centered growth with the Black Community. Her desire to make sure we excel over and beyond starts with each new life. She's truly a blessing!

Elizabeth Johnson, Co-Founder of KB Creations, LLC

Village Sis Sierra

Cassey (Village Sis Doula) is an amazing doula who works to help those in the community to be able to have top notch care! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is trying to conceive and those who are pregnant.

Sierra Bizzell, CEO/Founder of Beautiful Beginnings

Village Sis Kira

I met Cassey when she was a student in my doula training workshop. Since that class, I have watched Cassey become a community leader and respected voice in the birth community. She has mobilized doulas to form a strong village of support to families in her area. She's knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to the work of making birth safer. I'm very proud to work alongside Cassey and her village.

Kira Kimble, CEO/Founder of Mine-R-T Doula Company

Village Sis Doula Joy

Cassey (Village Sis Doula) effortlessly weaves cultural history and womb education into her teachings and support services. She offered me ongoing support, tools, and remedies during and after my binding session. I truly felt comfortable discussing my body changes and needs at this stage of my life and fully supported by Cassey’s knowledgeable and fun-loving care. -JoyMaat

Joy Maat, CEO/Founder of KemeticsArts24-Living Joy Maat

Village Sis Doula Valerie

Village Sis Doula, LLC was very resourceful. Any and all questions was answered promptly and for those that was hard to find there was someone within the village that could help out. Even providing scholarships when needed. Any questions or concerns I had day or night got answered immediately or within a good time frame. I’ve learned so much that I didn’t know. Going with Village was one of the best things I did. I just wish they was around 18/15 years ago. Thank You Village Sis Doula, LLC

Valerie Ray

Village Sis Doula Mo Simmons

Knowledgeable, friendly and personable! Always supportive and going through extra mile for expecting moms and post delivery

Mo Simmons-Varner

Village Sis Bro Tay-Shawn

Have had her help with my 2 children. Very professional, warming, loving, and respectful. Definitely suggest Village Sis to anyone having a kid in the triad.

Tay-Shawn Ridges


Village Sis Doula was/IS the sister village community  I never knew I needed! I had been following the Village Sis Doula page on social media for a while as I was slowly easing into my birth work future. Village Sis Doula is not only informative but nurturing! Cassey’s warm luminous vibe made me feel immediately loved and welcome. After completing my Birth Doula training and starting my search for a Mentor there was only one person I could think of that would match my spirit and give me the education and push that I needed: Cassey the Village Sis Doula. Mentoring with Cassey has been everything I needed. As my mentor my village Sis constantly offers her brilliance & resources in any way she can, checks in on me and my endeavors, speaks life into me, uplifts me to instill I AM ENOUGH, and gently tells me to, “ Sit my ass down”  when I’m overworking myself. I could not ask for more in a mentor nor the community she provides for my fellow Village Sisters and myself. I am eternally grateful for Cassey and all her works.

Lula Mae CEO/Founder of Lula the Doula

Village Sis Empress Denee

Cassey's energy is UNMATCHED!! I am so honored that Source brought her into my life. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. She was invited to my Goddess Group, that I had created, two years ago on Facebook. Cassey brought warmth, love, humor, originality, wisdom. Most importantly she brought her truth. I admire that about her. When I archived my group for personal reasons. I couldn't let go of the imprint she left on my heart. After healing I created a new & improved group. I searched all over Facebook for my Divine Sistar. There was no way I could start another group & she not be apart. Our Sistar hood has grown. I have learned so much. She is an inspiration to me. An all around fun energy to be around. If I was ever to give birth to another Star seed. I would pack up and move to Greensboro, NC. Just to hire her as my doula. Believe me, Cassey is the truth. Her love for the community is pure & genuine. Asè


Empress Deneé, TND

Founder of Elite Empress Energi Coaching & Wellness

Empress Denee

Testimonials: Testimonials
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